2010 Joint Schools Soccer Tournament

The 2010 Joint Schools Soccer Tournament will be held this Sunday, August 1, from 9:00AM to 2:00PM, at Unionville High School (northwest corner at Warden and Highway 7).

The tournament schedule is as follows:

Upper Field Lower Field
09:15—10:00 SJC vs La Salle Salesian vs SJAC
10:15—11:00 Salesian vs Raimondi La Salle vs SJAC
11:15—12:00 SJAC vs SJC La Salle vs Raimondi
12:15—13:00 Salesian vs La Salle SJC vs Raimondi
13:15—14:00 SJAC vs Raimondi Salesian vs SJC

All Raimondians, new and old, are welcome to come and cheer for our team!

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