Founded in 1984 and based in Toronto, our organization aims to re-unite all Raimondians in Ontario and eastern Canada. Some of our activities include an annual dinner for all members, as well as various sports functions and occasionally trips during the spring and summer. We also participate in various inter-school functions (such as soccer tournaments) that are jointly organized by local chapters of alumni groups of Hong Kong Catholic schools.

Committee Members

President Grant Chow, ’80
Vice President Billy Yip, ’80
Treasurer Peter Poon, ’66
Membership Director Raymond Kwong, ’82
Legal Advisor Sunny Ho, ’83
Social Convenor Richard Yip, ‘98
Sports Convenor Martin Cheng, ’70
Members-at-large Benjamin Cheung, ’65
Bryan Chan, ’92
Derek Ho, ’89
Jimmy Tong, ’92
Natalis Wong, ’73
Vincent Kan, ’93
President Emeritus Robert Cheung, ’66

Contact Us

To join us, or to inquire about the organization, you can send us emails at toronto@raimondicollege.ca.

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