Inter-school Charity Soccer Tournament 2007 Report

In keeping with our tradition, this past summer we entered the annual inter-school soccer tournament. Four teams competed: Joint Salesian Schools (the host of this year), Raimondi College, St. Joseph College and Wah Yan Schools. All fundraising proceeds were donated to Project Rwanda; we are proud to report that Raimondians contributed $1,016 toward the good cause (while the host team Joint Salesian Schools raised $4,800 for a total of about $6,800).

The tournament was held at Bayview Reservoir Park on July 8. The weather was not so great in the beginning, but the raining stopped and the the soccer field soon heated up with much ball-kicking action! This year we benefited from the joining of a couple younger team-mates, whose energy helped seal our victory. After a series of games with little rests in between, we came out champions of the event, winning over St. Joseph 4-3, beating Joint Salesians 2-0, and finally tying with Wah Yan with no goals from either team. Perhaps by the end of the tournament, every one was a little exhausted?

Many thanks to the players, the sponsors, and the spectators who came out to cheer on our teams. As this year’s champions, we will be hosting the event next year. Hopefully we will have a even better tournament next year! If you have any ideas to help improve the event (suggestions for charity causes, for example), please do not hesitate to let our Sports Convenor Martin Cheng know! See you next year!

Pictures from the tournament are now online! Read more for the complete gallery.

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